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After taking golf back up in 2019 and endlessly exploring the App Store, downloading and trying numerous golf apps, nothing seemed to hit the mark. Personal functionality requirements were lacking and the designs were so outdated. With lockdown I found spare time on my hands, so I started a personal project, which is where Birdie was born.



It all started with functionality available from other apps available to me. I added to this with functions that weren't statisfying the jobs I had to do. I found myself questioning capabilities, "If I tell you my yardage per club, and you tell me how far, why don't you suggest the club to me, so I don't have to remember?". This is just an example of those questions I seemed to be asking myself.



The look and feel was a huge element for me in creating this concept. Other apps seemed so clutterd and not well designed, I wanted to create something that would address that whilst enhancing the functionality.

Personally I want something that can aid the game, not become a distraction whilst trying to play, I want that caddie in my pocket. It was important to me to ensure that the concept works both when on and off the course, giving you the tools you need in the right moment.

The Dashboard

Here I wanted something that brought the important content to my, giving me a view of my previous rounds and what's in the bag. Typically I find myself wanting to review my rounds and compare my scores and analytics of my round. The 'My Rounds' section allows for this, and the creation of a new round when arriving at a course. 'My Clubs' allows you to track what's in the bag, informing the app of the yardage you achieve with each club.


It's super important to see a clear breakdown of your stats whilst playing in a clear and concise way. Brining key overall metrics forefront to keep you updated on your round. The ability to drill into each hole, viewing at a high level your score, but being able to get a more detailed view of your round to remind you of your game.

The Round

Whilst out on the course, you want to stay focused on the hole being played and more importantly at the next shot you're about to take. Birdie as a concept is designed to bring you key statistics about the hole being played, the Par, Stroke Index and distance, whilst keeping track of your shots for you so you can focus on the shot at hand. Using your club statistics and using geo-location being able to identify the distance to hole and your location upon the hole to suggest the shot to play and club to use, whilst tracking your history through the hole in real-time. Wouldn't that be great?


To be continued...