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Website design and development for the Interactive Media Design 2016 Reveal Show
For mine and my fellow classmates degree show that took place prior to graduation from Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University, we held an event named Reveal at the University. A show to showcase all of our work. For the show I designed and developed the website. This site acting as a hub for everyone's work. To be used as advertisement prior to the show but also as the show interface held on each persons individual iMac, allowing visitors to view the collection of each students work. The website was also just at the London D&AD show in July which a smaller number of students attended to showcase our work. At this event two of the projects won the "One to Watch" award, one of which was mine and Becky's project done whilst working on a brief from Virgin Money. Virgin Empire

"Our Work" page

One of the main parts to the website, the "Our Work" page showcasing every project of each student they wish to be featured on the site. Each person selected 3-5 projects to showcase using a mix of personal and group projects. This creating a good balance of work for every student. The introduction of a filter to this page allows users to choose between categories of work allowing them to select what they are interested in, options between 'All' projects, "UX&UI", "Experiential Design" or "Narrative & Games”.

Meet the students

The second of the main parts to the site, meet the students shows a page of profiles of each of the students on the 2016 Interactive Media Design course. Each of which navigate to their own personal page in the site. There personal page consists of a portrait of the student, their name along with their title and a short biography of them and their contact information. This is followed by their projects that they have featured on the website. Each one linking to the project itself.

Project pages

Each student has a collection of their projects displayed on the website. Each project page following a uniform design throughout the site. This enhancing the user experience through the familiarity of each page. Each row separated by a different background colour, allowing users to easily distinguish content. Project pages start with a title of the project followed by the names of the people who worked on the project with links to each of their personal pages on the website. Project information follows in the form of videos, imagery and text as explanation about the project.

Meet Us & About Us

An inclusion to the site that I deemed a must was that of the "Find Us" section. It was a part that the previous IMD sites hadn't included, and something that I couldn't understand why. I wanted to make it clear to any people viewing the site that we had two shows running one at the university and the other at D&AD. The best way for them to know this and the location was the introduction of this section, giving a precise location to where all the work is on show.

The about us section gave a little overview of who we are and what the we do on Interactive Media Design. Also including some background about the course and the available action to view the course on Northumbria Universities website.

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