Gamification twist on exercise, creating a more engaging and entertaining experience
My impression of exercising using cardio equipment is a boring and uninvolving process, with little motivation and no competition element. At the moment ways that gyms and users overcome this is by listening to music or watching television. I wanted to create a system that would engage users to a point where their senses are tricked driving increased motivation to push themsleves beyond their limits when working out, without fully realising they were doing it.

Bike & Screen Build

The bike system starts off with the creation of a speed detection kit developed with Arduino and Processing through the use of a magnetic reed switch. I wanted to construct an optimal immersive experience, so following research I constructed a 100inch curved screen taking up 90° of vision.


The system needed a controller, thoughts of a series of buttons and smartphone application were initial ideas, but with the movement of Smart TV's it seemed an obvious choice to integrate television apps with this system. This allowing for a seamless interface at the home or gym.


Created as an additional part to my project, a compliment to show the possiblility of marketing and promoting the product. Containing a breif overview of the enitre project, whilst acting as a website for the product, ImmerserciseCycle.


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