Natwest Re-design

My take on online banking
The Project
The brief for the project was to redesign a current interface. My choice was the Natwest Online Banking service. My reason for choosing this was because been a Natwest user there are certain things about the interface that I would like to see improved, and therefore believed that this would be a good topic to focus this project upon. I redesigned the login of the service, by using picture password technology as well as redesigning the interface after login, to be much simpler and clearer.

The Interface

Undertaking research with online banking brought to light that some interfaces were cluttered and complicated to use. I wanted to create a simple and easy to use user experience. I started by identifying the most important aspects of online banking and brought them into the main screen and placed everything else in a navigation menu. I cleaned up the screen by the use of drop-down menus.

My Interface is pre-loaded on one account, able to be changed from the drop-down, this changes the balance below which when expanded shows recent transactions. The three areas at the bottom allow for payments, direct debits and statements.

The Login

One thing I found during research was how frustrated users got when trying to login to online banking, users were sat there counting on their fingers and still getting locked out of their account. Something had to be done. I looked at different ways of logging in, moving away from a username and password. I looked at retinal scans of the eye, and fingerprint scans. I did some testing and settled on Picture Passwords. This system requiring users to perform three gestures on an image of their choice.


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