Learning Experience

Gamification twist on learning through an interactive installation
The Project
In this project I set myself the task of creating a fun learning experience for the topic of Renewable Energy for key stage three. Inspired from projection installations allowing users to interact with a digital environment to learn about an ecosystem through the medium of physical and digital. My project is a twist on this, creating a learning environment in the theme of a real world environment, showcasing the types of Renewable Energy.
A video showing the vision of the project.
In front of each source is a physical stand with interactive elements attached. These interactive elements are the physical interactions the user undertakes to change the digital perspective in front of them. The aim was to allow users to play with recognisable objects that relate to the digital source in-front of them. This allowing them to learn how this source of energy works. For this project I created only the Hydro-Electric Dam section for the installation, but this shows that it works as a whole as my intended vision.
A short video showing the project in use in the build phase.


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